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The production of diving knife blades with high performance stainless steel and titanium are MERCURY’s speciality; Mercury supplies the most prestigious DIVING brands known all over the world.

As a high quality knives manufacturer,
MERCURY employs qualified personnel and has specific machinery and technology to work the steel and the special steel.

►►► MERCURY places at customer’s disposal the "know how"
developed in over sixty years of projects and realizations for the production of blades on O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer), upon customer’s design for different market segments like AGRICULTURE and FOOD PROCESSING.

Our technical office will be glad to receive your enquiries:
Phone: +39.0427.71212
Fax: +39.0427.700616
e-mail: info@mercurycut.it.




To supply the customer with the most suitable blade for the specific kind of industrial purpose required.
This is MERCURY’s promise in the branch of industrial cutting components. The target is to obtain the highest performance for the blade utilization. To achieve these results, MERCURY approaches each single project with a commitment made up of five priorities:

  • Research for the best solution
  • Prototyping
  • Best production processes
  • Time to market
  • Post selling service

Research  for the best solution
Starting from the specific purposes required from the customer, we find out the most suitable project solutions in terms of technology, specifications, performances, material and design.

Speed prototyping
The fine tuning of the blade for the specific purpose continues through the realization of the prototype which allows you to optimize the best solution within the field of utilization of the blade itself.

Production process
The containment  of the cost  is reached by the analysis of the different methods of production and then by choosing the optimal production process.

Time to market
A short time from the custode request to the consignment of the product. This is the advantage which  MERCURY offers for variable quantities.

Post-selling service
MERCURY is a reliable partner at the customer’s side to deal with any product modification or evolution.