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SPARKLING WINE SWORD (Champagne or Prosecco sword) – 40 CM.

Art. 8SCB40-1C


The “sabrage” is a French tradition that was born during the Napoleon’s period when the cavalry officers where used to celebrate their victory on the war fields opening the champagne bottle with a sword stroke. Now it’s a deed that pleasantly astonish the friends and cheer up a party.

- Due to the fact that the cork jump could reach the distance of 6-8 meters, be careful that the space in front of the bottle is free and the people around you keep a security distance.
- If the action won’t be successful at the first time, we suggest to change the bottle in order to avoid an irregular cut.
- The average inside pressure of a sparkling wine bottle is 6 atmospheres and because of that the glass fragments wont go inside the bottle.
- Due to the hardness of the glass which is higher than the tempered blade it’s normal that  a mark could be left on the edge of the blade... but don’t be upset because that’s the beauty of the things you really use!

Techincal specifications:

  • Blade: Stainless steel Aisi 420
  • Handle: original handles reproduction  
  • Total weight: gr. 1800
  • Packaging: Wooden box of birch

SPARKLING WINE SWORD (Champagne or Prosecco sword) – 40 CM.

Art. 8SCB40-1C


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