"Quality which lasts" is the motto which has been leading MERCURY’s working philosophy since it was founded over 60 years ago. With this simple declaration, MERCURY expresses today as once upon a time its commitment for absolute quality without any compromises. Our production controls take absolute care in ensuring there are no defective products. 
MERCURY was one of Maniago's first factories in this field to achieve the international “Quality Management System Control” certification ISO 9001/2000.
MERCURY’s philosophy operates on the respect of Worker’s rights and spontaneously contributes to environmental protection offering long lasting products and taking care to use ecological criteria in the production process and using minimalist packaging with “zero environmental impact” (like recycled cardboard).




MERCURY Srl guaranties the adequacy of the product for the purposes it had been made and designed (any different kind of use has to be considered as abuse). The product is guaranteed against conformity defects (as defined by the Italian law, art. 129 D.Lgs. n° 206/2005) that appear within the 24th month after the consignment date (excepted the cases foreseen by the Italian law art. 132 D,Lgs. n° 206/2005).

The Consumer has to prove the consignment date exhibiting the receipt issued by the authorized  retailer where the article date and the name of seller are specified.

The guarantee covers the free repair or the substitution of the product components reviling conformity defects correctly and immediately claimed by the consumer (and previously approved by the seller) due to actions or omissions of the manufacturer. If the problem is not due to a material or manufacturing defaults, an estimate for the repair will be issued; in this case the repair can be made only after the acceptance of the estimate by the owner of the product. The postage for the restitution of the product is at the customer’s charge. The average repair time is approx 2/3 weeks.


The duration of the guaranty is 24 months from the purchase date of the product. After the 24 month period of time (as foreseen by the European law – D.Lgs. 206/2005 – any repair or substitution of the product is the responsibility of the purchaser.
The substitution of the article or one of its components do not involve an extension of the guarantee. The guarantee will expire after 24 month after the consignment of the original product as foreseen by the European law (D.Lgs. 206/2005)

The guarantee is excluded in case of the following events:
·         Non observance of the instructions
·         Carelessness, negligence in the improper use or maintenance of the product (damage due to the wear and tear and oxidation that can best be easily avoided (as well as in the best quality stainless steel) by careful cleaning and lubrication.
·         Improper use of the product.
·         Tampering with the product.
·         Use of the product for different purposes rather than the one it has been made and designed for.
·         Conformity defects that for any reason can’t be attributed to actions or omissions of the manufacturer.
·         Expiry of the 24 month of guarantee as per the European law  (D.Lgs. 206/2005).
·         The normal wear and tear of the product and its components can’t be considered a conformity defect and for that reason can’t be covered by the guarantee.

·         The guarantee will expire automatically when the product is given to a third part not authorized by Mercury Srl for the repair or substitution of its components.
·         The product guarantee will expire automatically when the consumer tempers, repairs or substitutes any of its components.

Mercury Srl decline any responsibility for damages caused directly or indirectly to persons, domestic animals or things occurred by the improper use of the product or the non observance of all the instructions, indications and warnings concerning the product itself.
Any cutting tools should be kept out of reach of young children and should be used by responsible people only.
For any further information you can contact Mercury s.n.c. at this e-mail address: info@mercurycut.it