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Ceramic Line


Cod. 82205-10CK
Price: € 3644


Cod. 82237-15CK
Price: € 6911
The ceramic knives are an important innovation created to improve the work of the passionate and professional chef.
  • UTILIZATION: they are perfect to cut any kind of food (vegetables, fruit, meat, fish ...)
  • QUALITIES: ceramic knives have the power to avoid chemical reactions with the elements with which they get in contact, preserving the original odours and taste. Thanks to their antioxidant characteristics they don’t  let the cut vegetables get dark. They can be easily cleaned tanks to their non sticking surface. They don’t rust. They don’t get marks as may happen on the steel blades in time. They are light and handble thanks to the non sliding soft touch handle. They keep the edge for a long time (about 10 times more than the metal blades).
  • DEFECTS: obviously, if they accidently fall down brake. In case just the tip of the blade brakes it’s possible to repair the knife; it’s also possible to re-sharp them.
  • WASHING: the “MERCURY Ceramic” knives, if correctly positioned can be washed in the dish washer.
  • SUGGESTIONS: use the knife on wooden or nylon chopping boards, only. Do not use the ceramic knife as a lever. Do not use the ceramic knife to clean, to scrape any surface or food. Do not use it to cut frozen food or to un-bone fish. Do not stress the knife with torsion. Clean the blade in case of sedimentation using some bleach.